Welcome to Walterton
This town is made up of normal people...or so they seem. Every person in Walterton is actually a Disney character who had come to life after their movies were made. Walt Disney, fearing the safety of the magic his movies had created, bought an island and immediately put all the characters on the island. The characters have no recollection of their past lives, but some are starting to get glimpses of their past selves. Could the town finding out their own secret ruin them, and what will happen to the magic that Walt worked so hard to preserve?
Open since: August 17th 2012

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Accepted— Alice

Dear Abby, I want you to know that I just screamed. Loudly. I am SO excited to have an Alice here (I play Mad!) and your application was absolutely fantastic! Welcome to Walterton! Please send in your account within 24 hours, and send me lots of messages so we can plot :)

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Accepted— Bo Peep

Hannah do you even have to ask? You know you are 100% accepted and I can’t wait to cause mischief with you through another character!

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When do you normally accept ? Are you accepting soon by any chance ? I want to apply but I just want to know when to check in.

We typically accept as soon as both Admins have been on to approve the application! We have one application at the moment, just waiting on Admin J’s approval, and I’ll be online all of tonight so if you want to submit it soon!

I look forward to seeing it!


The role of Sara Clawe is now reopened

That was really fast, Jesus.

Can we roleplay with a sideblog?

We ask to please have a tumblr separate from your main for your first character in our rp. However you can use a sideblog from your first rp character if you are taking a second character.

Would you accept any FC changes for Sam? And if you would, would you have any options?

Yes we most certainly would! The first ones that come to mind, would be:

  • Brenton Twaits
  • Dylan Everett
  • Gregg Sulkin
  • David Lambert
  • Nick Robinson
  • Cody Christian
  • Collin Ford
  • Charlie Rowe
  • Kyle Gallner


I’d of course be willing to talk others, they just came to mind! x

- Admin J


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Activity Warnings:

You have three days to message the main if you wish to keep your role, if no word has been received in three days your role will be reopened.

  • Fletcher Fisher
  • Dorathea Roden
  • Korbyn Satch
  • Peg Howler
  • Tina Belle

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